Linksys smart wi-fi router setup guide 

Linksys Router Front View  linksyssmartwificom

Indicators on Router Front Panel

linksyssmartwifi.comInstall Linksys Wi-Fi Router
Download the Linksys Connect Setup Software from Linksys Support Site


Choose Hardware Version of Device

Search Setup Software for Computer & Click Download

Save Setup Software
Click Twice On the Linksys Connect Setup file
Tick the License Terms link & Click Next

Internet Connection through Satellite Track Instructions 1 and 2

Started Configuration of Network
Do Not Close This Window

Network Exclusive Router Name (SSID) and Password Will Generate By Default Internet Connection Type Get Detected, Enter User Account Details

Click Next, Finalize Router’s Settings and Establish Internet Connection
Access Linksys Router’s Web-Based Setup Page
Open Web Browser on Computer or Wireless Device

Enter into Browser Address Bar

Click I have read and accepted the License Terms

Click Next To Proceed
For Manual Configuration
Click Manual Configuration link

Some of the common problems discussed-

1. What is the default ip address of my linksys router?

Ans. You can find your routers ip address here

2. How can i reset my linksys router?

Ans. You can reset your router by pressing the red button found on the back of the router o by holding a paperclip in the reset hole of your router.

3. What is the default username and password for myy linksys router?

Ans. You can find your answer here by clicking on this link

4. Which is the new best router coming from linksys?

Ans. EA9300 AC 4000 TRI-BAND router is the new best thing.

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10 comments on “Linksys smart wi-fi router setup guide

Smith john

My router is old now and with time i believe its good to upgrade it.


You should go for the new linksys ea9300 ac4000 tri band wifi router. You can find more details

Lena paul

Which is the best router netgear, linksys, asus, dlink, eero, tplink or amped for onlime ps4 gaming?

Lisa brown

Thank you for your help, i did reset and did the setup again.

sr.James smith

Thanks for the help. It did the job

Salina joy

I tried opening up and it briught me to bing search and then i found your website and followed steps and i was able to fix my linksys ea8500 router.

Howard black

I replaced my netgear wndr3400 with the new linksys eero wifi home system it was expensive but im happy with results.

Tim frankie does not work when i open it and do i have to be connected on the router to open it?

Stacy backfood

Which router to buy in order to cover 1500 sq ft.


I likes whats new segment and really like to see more posts.


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