Logging in to the Web-based setup page of your Linksys range Extender


A Range extender has virtually minimized and eliminated the issue of you losing Wi-Fi connection time and again within the confines of your own home. While this is extremely frustrating for most, Linksys Range extenders were able to offer some relief to those in vain. Linksys range extenders are built especially to tackle the problems of existing dead zones that cause you to regularly lose out on the internet connectivity. It gives discomfort to anyone who faces it because losing internet connection while in conversation with someone or facing lag or intermittent connectivity during gaming and/or streaming videos can cause you to lose out on more than just patience.

Thus the easy to use and simple to install Linksys Range extenders were able to eliminate the said issue and while they are extremely affordable too, they are powerful enough to share your router’s internet connection and Wi-Fi range across a wide area in your house.

Most of the times however, you might need to change the settings of your Range Extender like the password or to just upgrade the firmware of the device. To do that, the only way to gain access to your range extender is to login to the web-based setup page of your Linksys Range Extender. You can gain access to the RE’s setup page by performing the following steps:

Step 1: Power in your Range extender and let the lights be stable which indicates it has powered on successfully.
Step 2: Connect your Range Extender with a laptop or computer using an Ethernet cable. You can connect it via the wireless connection too, but it is advised to use the wired connection as after the settings are applied, the device often loses the wireless connectivity and it can log you out unexpectedly.
Step 3: Open up any web browser on your laptop and enter the IP address of the Linksys Range Extender webpage. Mostly it is
Step 4: After this, the webpage would ask you to enter a Username or Password. Keep the username empty and enter the password as “admin”. Click OK to tread further.
Step 5: Once you click OK, you will get the access to the many functionality and settings of the Wireless Range Extender as you are in the Web-based setup page. You can effectively change password, security settings, band settings and many other things to personalize your Linksys device.

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