TP-LINk repeater net

TP-Link repeaters are the devices that are used to extend or append the range of existing wireless routers. The Wi-Fi range extenders are used when the user feels that the wireless connectivity of the existing router is quite low. The lower Wi-Fi signal connectivity causes hindrance in the work pace. The user needs to roam around in search of better Wi-Fi signal connectivity that in turn causes loss to the organization in financial as well as time-bound loss. The TP-Link wireless routers are however very efficient and reliable to use but sometimes the best Wi-Fi also cannot overcome the hurdles in its path. Let’s say that the If the wireless router-id placed in a corner of the house, then there are more chances that the other end of the house will not receive the signals properly as there must be some obstacles like walls, furniture, doors etc. in between the router and the device.

The need for the TP-Link range extender

Thus, in order to rectify the problem of low Wi-Fi signal connectivity of the wireless router, the user will need to install and set the Wi-Fi range extender that can amplify and boost the existing wireless router’s Wi-Fi signals. There are many such brands that produce the range extenders but TP-Link delivers the most promising range extenders to its users. Some of the TP-Link range extenders are listed below.

How to install and set up the Wi-Fi range extender?

The TP-link range extenders are easy to use and set up products. Most of the users think that extending their existing wireless router’s signals is quite a tough job but however it’s not like that. Just follow our simple guide about the installation and setup of the range extenders and the Wi-Fi connectivity of your router will be boosted in no time. The web domain is used to sign in the configuration page.


  • Open up your TP-Link range extender and connect it to the power supply through the wall socket.
  • Switch “ON” the power supply and look for the LED lights on the extender to get stable.
  • Now, go to the “Network and internet settings” of your PC in the bottom right part of your PC.
  • There will be the list of available networks. Just connect to the “TP-Link extender” network.
  • Open the web browser of your computer and enter the link in the address bar.
  • This link will navigate the user to the web interface of the range extender and prompt for the username and password. The default username and password is “admin” and “password” itself.

Note-The username and password are cases sensitive data and you must be very cautious while entering it.

  • On logging in to the web portal of the TP-Link extender, you need to click on the “wireless settings” tab. The list of existing wireless networks will pop up and you have to select the wireless network you want to enhance.
  • After selecting the wireless network, you will again be prompted for the “username” and “password” of the router. Enter the password you have set earlier for the router.

In this way, the Wi-Fi connectivity of your existing wireless router will be enhanced and you will experience an uninterrupted and fast internet connection.

We can also connect our range extender to the router through a wired method

The wired method refers to the Ethernet cable connection of the extender to the wireless router through an Ethernet RJ45 cable.

  • In this method, a user needs to connect an Ethernet cable into the WAN port of the router and the other end should be inserted into the range extender.
  • Thus establishing a connection between the router and the extender. The user now needs to open the web browser and enter the web link in order to access the web portal of the extender setup.
  • There you will be prompted to enter the username and password to login to the page. The default username and password are “admin” and “password” itself.
  • Click on the “wireless settings” tab and enter the SSID (network name of the router) that you want to enhance.
  • Now, enter the password for the router. The range extender will get added to your existing Wi-Fi router

The TP-Link range extender will get reset automatically and your wireless router’s Wi-Fi connectivity will get boosted. 

Connecting through the WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup)

This method of connection is the most convenient and time-saving. We are provided with a WPS button on both the devices i.e. the router and the extender as well. We only need to press the WPS button given on the back of the extender and on the router.

Important Hack– We must remember that the WPS button on both types of equipment need to be pressed almost at the same instance of time barely with a gap of 2-3 seconds can be entertained or else we need to try again.

By pressing the WPS buttons on both the devices at the same time, the wireless connection between the two will be established within a few seconds and the components will get reboot automatically. For any further modification to the extender, you will need to visit the link from the web browser and change the settings like login password etc. according to your wish.

Some FAQs and Troubleshooting the TP-Link range extender


  1. Why do we need to login to the extender setup portal?

Before we can use the range extender, we need to login to the extender page through the link This link gives access to the home page of the extender from where we can customize, change or modify any settings written on it.

  1. What if we are unable to access the extender page through tplinkrepeater net ?

This problem can occur often. Sometimes, we are denied the access to the router’s or extender’s setup page through Our users do not need to panic and rush towards any other option. You can try to login through the default IP address of the repeater i.e. or

  1. Where can we find the IP address of the TP-Link extender?

The default IP address for most of the extenders is printed on the label pasted underneath the extender. There on the label, much other essential information is printed e.g. the MAC address, Serial number, Device ID etc.

  1. What if the range extender stops functioning suddenly?

This is the rarest of the rare issue that can occur but we cannot ignore this problem. SO, what the user needs to do is just try to switch on and off the extender. If the problem doesn’t get resolved through this, you can reset the device.

  1. How to reset the range extender?

There are two methods of resetting the range extender. These are as follows.

  • Reset via the reset button
  • Reset via the web interface of the extender.

We will discuss the reset procedure through the button. In this method, the user needs to press the reset button given on the back of the extender with the help of a pinpointed object like paper pin etc. The user needs to press the button continuously for at least 5 seconds. This will reset the extender to its factory settings erasing all the data written in its memory.

Note- The reset procedure will erase all the data from the equipment including the configuration details. You will need to reconfigure the range extender again in order to use it again.